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Purchasing Impact Resistant Front Doors: Buyer’s Guide

Updated: January 16, 2024

Whether or not your property was damaged in Florida’s most recent hurricane season, upgrading to an impact-resistant front door is essential for long-term safety. It enhances security and boosts property values while keeping utility and insurance costs low. Property owners in high-velocity hurricane zones need the most exceptional impact-rated doors on the market, installed by experienced professionals with access to the most effective products in the industry.

What Are Impact-Rated And Hurricane-Proof Doors?

Hurricane-proof (impact-resistant doors or hurricane-impact doors) front doors are designed to withstand the force of strong winds and debris under hurricane-level conditions. They’re built with much thicker steel and wrought iron materials than standard or traditional doors, along with hurricane-resistant glass door inserts that don’t “shatter and scatter.”

Instead, even severely cracked door glass remains fully connected (much like how car windshields are designed). This prevents dangerous shards from breaking apart, which would otherwise leave occupants exposed to the elements and intrusion. To function correctly, impact-rated doors must also integrate securely into the door frame, which requires more specialized work than replacing a traditional door.

Where Do You Need Impact-Rated Or Hurricane-Proof Doors?

So, who needs hurricane & impact-resistant front doors the most? Anyone in areas with higher security concerns or harsh weather can benefit from impact-rated doors. This consideration is especially important for those on warm coastlines, such as the southeast Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastlines.

Every year, tropical cyclones naturally form over the tropics’ warm ocean waters, where the combination of low and high pressures creates dramatic, self-fueling storm fronts. While properties along the Florida coastline have endured for decades and even centuries, it’s only thanks to continual advancements in hurricane-proof materials.

Not surprisingly, Florida homes and businesses have benefited more than anyone from the advancement of impact-rated doors and installation techniques.

Benefits Of Impact-Rated And Hurricane-Proof Doors

Along with better protection than standard doors, impact-rated doors provide other benefits that enhance the property’s value. They can even bolster the property owner’s long-term financial health by cutting utility and insurance costs.

Improved Safety: Peace of Mind

Hurricane impact doors can withstand even some of the most terrifying hurricane and tropical storm conditions. They also protect properties well after the storm passes, ensuring structures are not exposed to the elements or made vulnerable to intrusion. This feature is essential to safeguarding homes and the occupants inside.

Superior Temperature & Noise Reduction

Another important benefit of impact-proof doors is their enhanced insulation and energy efficiency, which reduces long-term energy bills and offsets their initial costs over time. Hurricane-proof doors also reduce noise, which can significantly improve quality of life.

Save On Insurance

Insurance providers usually extend significant cost savings to policyholders who upgrade their doors to impact-rated products. They’ll usually want proof that your new hurricane-proof doors were installed by a competent professional well-versed in the industry.

Impact-Rated & Hurricane Doors: Who Needs Them?

Florida and Gulf Coast communities need hurricane & impact-resistant front doors the most. Naturally, Florida is home to one of the world’s most advanced hurricane-proofing industries, having necessarily honed our trade with decades of experience with extreme weather conditions.

Hurricane & Impact Resistant Front Doors in Miami

Elite Impact Glass has become Miami’s premier impact-resistant product specialists by popular vote. It’s because we’ve established the industry alliances necessary to provide customers with the most effective and stylish hurricane-proof doors on the market. We proudly carry numerous models from the following manufacturers in a wide variety of styles, whose products are built to the highest standards and fully approved by Miami Dade County.

CGI Doors

Perfect for patio and poolside entrances, our CGI Sliding Glass Doors provide maximum view without compromising safety. CGI French Doors are another popular option for entrances and wherever beautiful, uninterrupted views are desired between rooms (such as between a kitchen and the dining or living room).


Eco Doors provide home and business owners with a wide range of effective and attractive options. Their versatile line of impact-rated doors fit a highly diverse range of uses while conveying a designer style:

  • Garage doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Pivot doors
  • French doors
  • Sliding glass doors


With exceptional ease and luxury, WinDoor products provide all the advanced protection and insulation you’d expect, even with aluminum frame options. These features offer unparalleled ease and lightness only previously possible with the latest innovations in safe and effective hurricane-proof door systems.

Professional Hurricane & Impact Door Installation Services in Miami

Like nothing else, advanced hurricane-proof doors keep Florida-coast properties protected. By specializing in a wide range of products from industry-leading manufacturers, we at Elite Impact Glass enjoy helping our community’s homes and businesses hold their preservation for years to come.

So who needs hurricane & impact-resistant front doors, and is it the right investment for you? With over 25 years of combined experience, we’ve never seen a property that wouldn’t benefit from upgrading to impact-rated doors. For any questions, contact us — and ask our experienced hurricane-proof door experts about our industry-leading products and installation services.