Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors in Fort Myers, FL

Living in Florida is not always all roses and glamor. As a homeowner in Fort Myers, you need to stay prepared for frequent tropical storms and hurricanes. At Elite Impact Glass, we can help you keep your home prepared with the highest quality impact windows and doors in South Florida.

What Are The Advantages of Impact Windows and Doors?

Impact windows and doors offer many benefits that standard options don’t.

Hurricane impact glass is made to withstand debris impact during severe storms, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected repair or replacement costs after a hurricane or storm has hit your home in Fort Myers.

Other benefits of impact windows and doors include the following:

Protects Your Home Against Harmful UV Rays

With impact windows, you don’t have to worry about harmful rays entering your home. They’re built with an interlayer seal between their glass panels, known as PVB, and use the strongest-rated LMI and SMI glasses on the market. We also have options that can cool your home using new glass technology.

Protects Your Home Against Intruders

You don’t have to worry about burglars with our force-entry-resistant impact glass in place. We also offer hurricane windows with extra security options, such as armor-plated glass.

Energy Efficiency

Having high utility bills to pay can be stressful. However, with our hurricane windows, you can save a lot on your utility bills thanks to their heavy-duty material that insulates heat from your HVAC over the cold season. We also work directly with our brands’ manufacturers to make custom hurricane windows to meet your unique needs.

Impact Window Installation in Fort Myers, FL

Here at Elite Impact Glass, we only use the best hurricane windows that guarantee maximum protection to our client’s homes. Therefore, we’ve partnered with the best impact window brands in the market to ensure you get the best protection for your home. Our trusted brands include CGI Impact Windows, Eco Windows, and WinDoor Hurricane Windows. Here’s a brief overview of them:

CGI Impact Windows

As the first hurricane windows to be manufactured in the US, CGI has maintained the highest quality of impact windows over the years. They have been providing aluminum and vinyl windows to their customers, as well as various designs and styles that we proudly help our clients enjoy. Their range of styles include:

  • Casement style
  • Single style
  • Horizontal rolling style
  • Designer fixed style
  • Fixed style
  • Project-out or Awning-style

Eco Window

Eco Windows offers a wide selection of impact windows that can withstand frequent Fort Myers, FL storms. They’re made to match the highest standards thanks to their high-quality standard hardware, such as double weather stripping, heat-strengthened glass, sentry glass interlays, and miter cut corners. They also come in different styles to suit your needs, including the following:

  • Fixed style
  • Single hung style
  • Horizontal rolling style
  • Casement style

Visit our Eco Windows Page to learn more about these styles.

WinDoor Hurricane Windows

WInDoor Impact windows have consistently distributed impact-resistant and energy-efficient windows made of vinyl and aluminum to withstand Fort Myers, FL storms. Besides their impact-resistance, their windows exude a luxurious interior that’s perfect for your home’s appeal. At Elite Impact Glass, we deal with WinDoor window styles, including:

  • Picture style
  • Horizontal rolling style
  • Single hung style
  • Window wall
  • Casement style
  • Hy-vent style
  • Awning style

Why Choose Elite Impact Glass?

Elite Impact Glass possesses a combined 25 years of industry experience that allows us to provide the best impact window and door installation services in Fort Myers, FL.

Thanks to our direct manufacturer access, we get the best hurricane window grades to maintain the highest protection and budget.

Other benefits of choosing our service include:

  • We offer a full range of windows and doors to choose from
  • We deal with high-impact resistant laminated glass, commercial-grade aluminum, and fine hardware produced to meet rigorous industry standards
  • We maintain competitive pricing and detailed and thorough installation services

Contact Us for Impact Windows and Doors in Fort Myers, FL

Hurricanes are inevitable in Fort Myers. It is extremely important to consider the best measures to protect your home or business. Impact windows make all the difference when protecting your home from debris during a storm.

At Elite Impact Glass, we’re ready to help you take advantage of the best brands of impact windows. Be sure to install your hurricane window before a storm hits.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with the most trusted impact window and door installation company in Fort Myers, FL.

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