Impact Window & Door Installation in Miami, FL

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Doors and windows form an integral part of your home. They shield your property against harsh weather and deter intruders from accessing it. However, your choice matters, and investing in superior-quality doors and windows is advisable.

Most Miami, FL, homeowners prefer storm or hurricane doors due to the frequent showers and storms in the area. However, there is more to acquiring quality doors and windows, and professional installation is key. 

Enter Elite Impact Glass. We care about your home and will offer unprecedented window protection thanks to our superior products and skilled installers. 

Professional Door Installation

Hurricane door installation requires plenty of expertise. For instance, if not sealed, an improperly installed door can pose a hazard to your home as it will allow air leaks, increasing your energy bills as a result.

You will never have to worry about such threats with Elite Impact Glass. We offer premium door brands in different styles and engage trained and licensed installers.

Examples of our popular door brands are:

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CGI doors are strong and long-lasting and come in various designs. You can go for French or sliding glass doors; they are distinct with unique features.

CGI sliding doors:

CGI sliding doors are an ideal choice if you value space, adequate ventilation, and better aesthetic appeal. You can install a CGI sliding door as an entrance to your backyard or in insect-prone areas. CGI sliding doors come in different configurations, and you can always get one to match your needs.

CGI French doors:

CGI French doors are a great way to spruce your home exteriors. They allow a clearer view of your garden, pool, and other attractions from your interiors. They make gorgeous entry solutions for your home and can fit different applications. You can choose single or double-door options, which feature stainless steel hinges and can outswing.


Famous for their unique designs and tough nature, eco-doors are the best fit for storm-prone areas due to their strong impact and hurricane resistance. Eco-doors feature high-quality components and are heat strengthened for improved hurricane resistance. They feature extruded aluminum glazing beads and can hold open 90°.


Windoor doors are luxurious and a true definition of unmatched quality and precision. Manufactured in the US and meet high-quality control guidelines. These doors are renowned for their high-security features, such as heavy-duty hinges and integral multi-locking points.

Professional Window Installation


With its superior quality since 1992 and a wide variety of styles and colors, CGI Windows offers an excellent choice for homeowners looking for high-impact hurricane protection. They will match your style and safety needs and raise the value of your property.


ECO windows are sturdy and highly durable and will fit larger openings. They are a favorite choice for dealing with intense hurricanes and storms and will improve the aesthetic appeal of your space. 

ECO windows offer numerous benefits and will minimize heat loss through your windows. They are energy efficient and reduce water build-up on the inside, thus less condensation. 


WINDOOR windows are a wise investment in your property. They are made with high precision levels and will bring that luxurious feel to your indoors. They come in different designs and styles; your options include:

  • Casement windows
  • Single-hung windows
  • Awning windows
  • Horizontal rolling windows
  • Hy-Vent windows and more.
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Why Choose Elite Impact Glass for Door & Window Installation

Elite Impact Glass is your to-go company for all impact window and door installation needs. We engage highly skilled and licensed installers, and our services stand out from our competitors, and there are various reasons to choose us, including:

A Job Done Right

Our team comprises trained and experienced installers who will offer quality craftsmanship and deliver unparalleled hurricane window installation service. Our installers are experienced in handling different door and window designs and have all it takes to ensure a successful project.

Local, Trusted, and Passionate

We are local installers and understand your needs better. Additionally, we are passionate about windows and doors and will ensure fast and clean installations. You can trust us for all your window and door installations, including custom finishes.

Trained, Licensed, Bonded, and Drug Tested

 We are highly trained to deliver exceptional services in all projects. We are accredited and licensed, which cater to injuries on your property. We are bonded and drug tested; thus, you expect high levels of professionalism from the team.

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Professional Impact & Storm Door & Window Installation Services in Miami

Are you seeking exceptional impact door and window installation services in Miami, FL? Look no further! Elite Impact Glass employs trained, licensed, and highly experienced installers who will ensure high levels of professionalism. Contact us to learn about our unparalleled products and professional installation services!

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