The Premier Manufacturer of Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

CGI was the first hurricane window manufacturer in the United States to offer a line of impact windows that meets the Miami-Dade approved impact windows with laminated glass. Since 1992, CGI has been providing vinyl and aluminum residential windows to customers. Whether it is new construction windows or replacement windows, CGI offers an array of designs and colors. As a leader in the impact window market, CGI gives you durable new construction and replacement windows without having to compromise style. Learn. more with Elite Impact Glass.

A casement window swings open like a door. Hinged on the side, casement windows provide excellent ventilation and unlike a single hung, it has no center rail to obstruct the view.

  • Sentinel – 238 SN Series
  • Targa – 7300 Series
  • Commercial – 238 Series

A single hung window is a traditional style sash operable window that opens without using any interior or exterior space. It is a perfect choice for most living areas in your home.

  • Sparta – 4100A Series
  • Sentinel – 110 Series
  • Targa – 7100 Series
  • Commercial – 360 Series

A horizontal rolling window operates similar to a sliding door. The sash slides open perfect for satisfying bedroom egress requirements and is a popular style for contemporary and modern homes.

  • Sparta – 4100A Series
  • Sentinel – 120 Series
  • Targa – 7200 Series
  • Commercial – 375 Series

A designer fixed window adds a luxurious look to any room in the house while bringing in daylight. A large selection of designer window shapes are available.

  • Sparta – AR4120A Series
  • Sentinel – 130 Series
  • Targa – 7500 Series
  • Commercial – 238 Series

Fixed windows are typically used for openings that are larger or where an opening window is not required. They are used to expand the view and bring in more daylight. A great choice for living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms and where ventilation is not a concern.

  • Sparta – 4120A Series
  • Estate – 238 Series
  • Sentinel – 130 Series
  • Targa – 7500 Series
  • Commercial – 410 Series

A project out or awning window is a top hinged outward opening window that protects the opening like an awning, providing ventilation even during rainy weather. Project Out windows are suitable in nearly every style of home and frequently used in bathrooms with obscure or textured glass.

  • Sentinel – 238 Series
  • Targa – 7400 Series
  • Commercial – 238 Series