Storm Damaged Windows and Door Replacement in Miami, FL

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Storms and thunderstorms are common in Miami, FL, and can damage your home considerably if precautions are not taken. It would be best if you had strong doors and windows to safeguard your entryways against storm damage. For this reason, most people opt for storm doors and windows due to their sturdy nature, energy efficiency, and durability.

Should you have to replace your doors after storm or hurricane damage, professional installers will come in handy. An example is Elite Impact Glass! We offer a wide array of premium quality storm doors in various brands and styles. We are reputed for distinct craftsmanship and employ the highest quality materials during fabrication and installation.

Storm and Security Doors for Your Home

A storm door is the best defense to shield your home from intense storms. When you notice drafts or water on window seals, your home may require storm door replacement services. Here are reasons to consider replacing your storm doors.


A storm door shields your front door from storms, freezing, and heavy rains. It is an excellent way to guard your home against storm damage and enhance the lifespan of your entry door.


Are you stressed about high energy bills? A storm door may be the solution. Replacing your storm door will keep the air leaks at bay by offering an additional structure pocket. These doors act as buffers against intense temperatures and will save you a lot on energy bills.


 Storm doors are super durable and make great additions to any home. In the summer, they allow adequate airflow and natural light and help keep out chilly drafts in winter.


Storm doors add an extra layer of security to your home. They are a second barrier to your property and enhance your locking mechanism. With such a door, it becomes harder for burglars to break into your home, which improves your safety. As you replace your storm door after storm damage, consider upgrading it with security rods, handle sets, and deadbolts.

How to Look for Signs of Water Damage

Water damage is a common issue in storm-prone areas like Florida. However, this may be challenging to spot, and you may need professionals to inspect your property for any damage. Typical water damage signs to look out for include mold growth, discoloration, stained ceilings, flaking, and musty smells.

Here are the critical locations for evidence of floods, leaks, and other storm-related damage. 

  • Walls and Ceilings: Water or flood damage results in excess water on the walls, which may result in flaking and discoloration on your drywall. The saturated ceiling also gets weighty and begins to sag under the load. The building will eventually bend and buckle, posing a safety threat if it collapses.
  • Windows: Water entering through the windows can result in notable damage to your property. The excess water may cause bending, mold growth, and structural harm. Sometimes, you may not spot any signs but may notice foul smells. Sometimes you can smell mold before noticing it. Moreover, fuzzy mold development can release atmospheric spores that cause allergic reactions or worsen allergy symptoms.
  • Flooring:  Your flooring is highly vulnerable to water damage. When your flooring material soaks in water or gets wet, you will notice cracks, curled floorboards, soft-feeling drooping timber, or compositing expansion. Other common signs of water damage on the flooring may include discoloration, which signifies mold or mildew. You may also experience warping and cupping on the planks of your wooden flooring.
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How To Check for Signs of Wind Damage

Florida is prone to intense winds and storms due to the strong high-pressure system over the Atlantic Ocean. Strong winds are a cause of concern among many homeowners; understanding how to identify signs of wind damage will go a long way.

The common signs of wind damage to look out for are:

  • Shattered or broken panes: Strong winds can damage your glass windows and ruin the window frames. They are powerful enough to crack and shatter double-glazed windows.
  • Dented frames: After strong winds, you may notice missing or cracked sealant, dents, and flaking paint. It would be best if you fixed this promptly to avert further damage. 
  • Broken window latches: Strong winds can damage your windows, latches, and locks. This will improve the likelihood of break-ins, hence the need for professional damaged impact window replacement services.

Professional Door & Window Storm Damage Replacement Services

Do not stress over storm damage in your home! Elite Impact Glass can help! We offer a wide array of hurricane doors and windows to suit your needs. Our skilled installers will help you achieve the desired impact. Call us to discuss your next project!