Impact French Doors

There’s a common misconception that security requires limiting the amount of glass in a structure’s exterior. Yet with precision-engineered hurricane/impact-rated glass, it’s possible to enhance protection while allowing as much natural light as you desire.

Impact French doors help homeowners maintain their aesthetic goals without compromising on safety, thanks to an innovative combination of materials and installation methods. Elite Impact Glass specializes in the most beautiful and effective hurricane French doors in the entire South Florida area. Read on to learn just how you can protect your property interests, even with a high amount of exposed glass.

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Impact French Doors Available From Elite Impact Glass

We’ve sourced only the most highly rated hurricane French doors, many of which feature extensive color, style, and material finishing options. Along with an equally robust range of glass customization options, there are literally dozens of impact French door combinations available to meet your exact aesthetic and functional goals.

At our Miami showroom, you’ll see the following innovative hurricane French door models from the industry’s most trusted and reliable hurricane window and door manufacturers:

  • WinDoor’s Estate Entrance 450 Series, complete with matching frame, threshold, and weatherstripping, provides a particularly wide range of glass color and texture options. The door itself features numerous unique finishes, including designer colors, anodized metal alloys, faux woodgrain, and much more.
  • CGI French Doors offer innovative configuration options, including sidelites and transoms, creating a custom entrance sure to sate even the most discerning architectural tastes. Optional internal grills lend even greater customizability while further enhancing security.
  • Eco Window Systems French Doors come in a wide variety of geometric configurations, all of which feature advanced energy-efficiency ratings.

One of the hallmarks of high-end impact French doors is that they’re so stylish that you wouldn’t even expect their primary function to be protection. Homeowners are then free to choose which impact doors will best meet any number of functional and design considerations, confident that their interests are secure whether they prefer a traditional impact door or something more stylish and functional.

Choosing Between Impact French Doors vs. Traditional Impact Doors

Both types of doors feature exceptional resistance to impacts of all kinds, along with tamper-resistant hardware and installation techniques that prevent even the most sophisticated intrusion methods. Yet with impact French doors, you can secure the following benefits, whether at the main entrance, patios, outdoor balconies, and other high-traffic entry points:

  • Increased natural lighting
  • A more inviting and approachable exterior
  • Improved airflow
  • Twice the amount of usable space (except on French doors with one inactive panel)

This latter point is especially useful for moving furniture or hosting large crowds. The ability to open both doors creates a much more open feeling and maximizes available space. French doors with an inactive panel are still a good selection because you’ll still receive all the lighting and aesthetic benefits.

Styles and Designs to Suit Every Home

One of the most important aspects of French doors is their architectural merits, compelling homeowners to choose a model that coordinates well with the rest of the home, even while improving security. Custom dimensions and light construction work may also be required to establish the perfect fit. Take these following style and design tips to heart when comparing our impact French door options during our free and informative consultations:

  • French doors don’t always need to match the other doors, but they should complement or blend with them.
  • Finishing options can lend a subtle but powerful effect on your home’s overall style (after all, the door takes up one’s entire visual field when entering or leaving).
  • The right geometric patterns, as from any grills, sidelites, and transoms, can serve as an aesthetic bridge between the exterior and interior.
  • With low-emissivity and UV coatings, it’s possible to improve your impact French doors’ insulation while protecting your interior from fading (respectively).

Compare Your Luxury Impact French Door Options Today

If you’ve ever wanted French doors on your Miami property but felt hesitant over storm-related concerns, you’ll be pleased to know hurricane French doors are extremely effective. In conjunction with their almost limitless customization options, you’re bound to find exactly the right combination of form and function with the leading edge in impact French door technology.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our expert hurricane window and door technicians and see just how refined your home security can look.

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