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Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Front Door

Updated: January 16, 2023

Your front door is among the first things your visitors see when they come to your home. It’s also the last thing they see when they leave. Unfortunately, most homeowners give little to no attention to their front doors during home upgrades. 

Ideally, your front door can last for as long as your house. But if your front door is unprotected or exposed to harsh elements, the lifespan may be reduced. While replacing your front door when broken or damaged is necessary, this is not the only reason to get a new entry door. 

Why You Should Replace Your Front Door

If you’re wondering why you should get a new front door to replace the old one, here are our top three reasons.

Improve Durability and Security

Your entry door locks out noise, weather, and unwanted intruders, protecting your family from harm. However, a front door can only serve its purpose if it’s in good condition. A damaged front door doesn’t keep away intruders as they can quickly break-in. 

You should constantly monitor the condition of your entry door, watching out for dents, and cracks, among other signs. 

Also, your front door doesn’t need to be in a poor state to be replaced. Technological advancements have made exterior doors more secure than their predecessors. Therefore, you might want to upgrade to an entry door with more secure locks to enjoy increased security and durability.

Steel doors are the least expensive but do not resist the weather. They easily dent and are challenging to repair.

Wooden doors are expensive and offer high-end looks. Also, you can quickly get rid of scratches on wooden doors. However, wooden doors require routine maintenance and are not very durable. 

Fiberglass doors are the most durable and require minimal maintenance, so consider fiberglass doors if you’re looking to replace your front door.

Make a Statement

First impressions matter in every home. Your front door acts as a reflection of your home’s interior. The right front door adds character and instant curb appeal to your home.

The best part is that you have dozens of options based on your needs, budget, and your home’s theme. 

A front door replacement can increase your home’s resale value, attracting home buyers. Investing in a better-looking, higher-quality entry door has a significant return on investment. A good investment is essential, especially if you’re considering selling your home.

You can incorporate sidelights, panel patterns, applied moldings, and transoms to enhance your home’s appearance. 

Save Money with Energy Efficiency

Older doors, especially those made from wood, allow drafts into your house to lose cooling and heating elements. An energy-efficient front door will lower your energy bills significantly.

New doors come with improved insulation features, allowing you to save money on electricity and energy bills. Options like fiberglass and steel doors have better insulation features that hold heat during winter and keep excess heat away during summer. As a result, you won’t rely on your energy-intensive heating and ventilation systems. 

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Front Door?

You’ve decided to do a front door replacement but wonder how much it will cost to get the job done. Well, various factors go into the cost of replacing an entry door.

For instance, entry doors are made using various materials, each with unique benefits. Steel doors are less expensive compared to wood or fiberglass front doors. However, the latter is more durable and energy-efficient, explaining the high cost. Contact Elite Impact Glass to request a quote depending on your needs and budget.

Hurricane & Impact Doors in Miami

A front door creates the first impression on your home. Therefore, it’s essential to keep it in good condition. There are various reasons to replace your front door. For instance, you want to make a statement, save money, or improve security and durability. 

The cost varies depending on the type of door and insulation features. We have various options if you’re considering a front door replacement, including hurricane and impact doors. Contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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