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Why Hurricane Impact Windows Are Worth the Cost

Majority of the United States coastal area homeowners are fully aware of the severity of the hurricane season. That said, they know how important it is to pay attention to the safety measures before the hurricane season strikes – well, the responsible ones, at least.

As most people have experienced the destructive nature of this season, they start investing in hurricane proof doors and windows. However, once you start doing your research, you realize how much hurricane impact windows cost, and you can’t help but ask – are impact windows worth it? Simply put – yes, very much so. Let us walk you through with this hurricane impact windows cost briefing.

Hurricane-proofing windows

There are several options for hurricane-proofing. Even though some of these options might come as a cheaper solution, they serve their purpose nowhere near as well as quality, strong hurricane impact windows and doors.

It is good to bear in mind that these are not only designed to endure a destructive power of nature such as a hurricane but for several other purposes and aims. These are some of the reasons why high-quality impact windows and doors are expensive, and also why they are not a commodity, but a necessity in hurricane-ridden areas:

How Strong Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Well, these are designed to be strong, durable, and reliable during this season – it is their main purpose. As they are interlayered with a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) seal layer, along with being made of some of the strongest glass on the market, these guarantee to elevate your safety as opposed to potentially exposing yourself to flying glass during these strong winds.

They do not break like standard windows, but rather crack in spiderweb-like patterns and hold on strongly in that formation, surviving winds reaching the speed of up to 200 miles per hour.

They do not only protect you from hurricanes – they do a great deal of protecting you from potential intruders

Most of the home breakings start from the windows and doors; and while it is not fully guaranteed these will stop the intruders entirely, they will give them a hard time entering your house.

Hurricane Impact Windows

Best energy-efficient investments for your household, saving you from ever-growing utility bills

Once you invest in quality impact windows and doors, it can oftentimes pay off more than just good facade insulation, as the amount of air seeping from the house is minimized, making the home’s air conditioning much more efficient.

They also reduce the overall amount of heat due to anti-UV layers implemented in their glass. They are not soundproof, but still reduce the noise entering your home significantly, especially if your home is faced towards a street.

Last a long time and increase your house’s value significantly

In case you decide to sell your property, your house’s worth will be higher since it has these windows.

Each hurricane impact window and door counts as an investment into your and your property’s safety. Rather than repairing your doors and windows each time you experience damage, it is much smarter to pay for these once and save yourself from the headache of rebuilding. With a lot of advantages offered, these windows and doors are imperative for every house of hurricane-ridden areas, especially where these winds happen annually.

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