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What To Consider When Having Impact Doors & Windows Installed

Updated: January 16, 2023

Installing hurricane-rated impact doors and windows in your home will save significant costs caused by hurricane damage. Impact windows and doors are the best defense against strong impact from flying debris, which can damage your property considerably.

Luckily, you can acquire superior-quality impact doors and windows from leading manufacturers like Elite Impact Glass. We are BBB A+ rated and are renowned for our premium products and installation services. We offer great warranties and have a 5-star Google rating overall. Nonetheless, there are various aspects to keep in mind when shopping.

What are Storm Doors & Storm Windows?

Storm doors or windows are fitted in front of an interior door or window to shield it from extreme weather elements. They safeguard your home against rain, ice, and snow and enhance the durability of your existing doors and windows. 

Storm impact doors and windows come in various sizes and materials, such as fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, and wood. They feature retractable and interchangeable glass panels to enhance visibility and keep flying insects at bay.

Impact Window with Water on the Outside

Benefits of Storm Doors & Windows

Storm doors and windows feature robust impact glass and will offer an additional layer of protection during hurricanes. They offer numerous benefits if installed professionally, evident by the Elite Impact Glass reviews. Here is more information about their benefits;

  • IMPROVED ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Conventional doors and windows may allow air to escape through the seals. In this case, your HVAC will work harder to cool your home. However, storm doors and windows from our Sparta Collection offer adequate insulation. They are highly efficient and make it easy for your HVAC unit to regulate indoor temperature. 
  • HURRICANE PROTECTION: Impact doors and windows shield your main doors and windows from ice, rain, and snow. They also safeguard your home against water damage in case of flooding. Impact doors and windows can withstand the impact of loose flying debris, which can shatter your glass during hurricanes. If you are seeking the highest quality hurricane doors and windows, the Elite Impact Glass warranty proves that you will get high-grade products.
  • ENHANCED SECURITY: Impact doors and windows feature impact glass that is not easy to break. They also come with unique locks, making it hard for intruders to access your property. Therefore, if you are seeking a high-quality storm door for your storefront, check out our Commercial Collection sliding glass doors.
  • NOISE REDUCTION AND VENTILATION: Impact doors and windows feature three solid layers that act as a noise barrier. They are made of retractable screen panels, which ensure excellent airflow in your home. If you fancy sliding glass door designs, you can get one from our Sentinel Collection.

How Do I Choose a Storm Door or Storm Window?

If your doors and windows are often exposed to harsh weather elements like rain, snow, and ice, you may need to upgrade. Here is what to consider when choosing storm doors and windows;

What to Look for in New Storm Doors

Material: Storm doors come in fiberglass, PVC, aluminum, or wood. These offer varying benefits, and aluminum is pretty common. It comes in varying levels of thickness and will offer optimal insulation in your home. Moreover, the panels are made of strong tempered glass, which can withstand great impact.

Type of Glass: Storm doors feature glass in them, and you should pick the right kind. For instance, low-emissivity glass for a full-view storm door ensures enhanced insulation. Similarly, the sun-blocking glass would be ideal for sunny areas, and you will get different types from our Sparta Collection.

Style: Storm doors come in different designs; these are partial and full views. Full-view doors provide a better view of your exteriors and allow more natural light into your home. On the other hand, partial-view doors do not let in much light.

Color Scheme: Your home exteriors create an impression of your personality and lifestyle. Choose one from our Sparta Collection to match the existing exterior color scheme for improved aesthetic appeal.

What to Look for in New Storm Windows

Material: Storm windows are typically made of aluminum, vinyl, composite, and fiberglass. Enamel-coated aluminum storm windows from the Sparta Collection are fitted with a low-E coating glass win! They offer improved insulation and will save a lot on energy bills.

U-Value: Choose windows with low U-factors and SCHGs; this will maximize energy efficiency in cold and hot seasons. Consider whole U-factors and SHGCs, for this reflects improved energy performance.

Size and Fit: Storm windows come in standard and custom sizes; these range between 3 to 6.5 feet high and 3.5 to 10.5 feet wide, and you should choose one to fit your existing casing.

Color: Storm windows come in a wide variety of colors, mostly white, bronze, and clear anodized. Choose one that blends seamlessly with your original windows and hire Elite Impact Glass installation services to install any of the industries best manufactured windows. Windoors Estate Collection, CGI, and Eco Windows offer some of the industry’s best products.

Professional Impact & Storm Door & Window Installation Services in Miami

Elite Impact Glass offers superior quality products for your home and commercial storefront, thanks to our direct contact with manufacturers. Our highly trained and licensed installers can handle your project professionally! Contact us to learn more about our installation services!

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