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Screen Door vs Storm Door: What’s The Difference?

Updated: November 13, 2023

Doors are an integral aspect of your home. They guard your property against intruders and harsh weather and keep bugs at bay. The quality of the doors matters, and choosing the best goes a long way. Luckily, Elite Impact Glass offers different doors to match your needs and style.

A typical example is the impact storm door. It is common in most parts of Miami and offers protection against harsh weather elements. There are also many other types of doors, and the screen door is also popular.

Storm door vs screen door, what are the differences? Screen doors have a screen, but the frame can feature other materials. Similarly, storm doors consist of more parts, and the glass panel is the most notable difference.

With the many doors in the market, it can be daunting to determine the best. Leading companies like Elite Impact offer a wide range of quality hurricane-proof windows and hurricane impact doors. It is advisable to seek help from the team to make a wise selection.

As we compare storm doors vs screen doors, we will discuss:

Storm Doors: The Ultimate Defense

A storm door is an outer door installed to ensure adequate ventilation and protect against harsh weather elements. They usually feature three layers, which offer additional insulation. Storm doors feature tempered glass inserts. Some offer double or triple panes that keep out heat and cold, ensuring high energy efficiency.

They allow natural light when open, providing adequate sunlight and fresh air in the home. Moreover, exterior storm doors shield the entry door from elements like heat, cold, wind, storms, and hurricanes. You can also get quality windows that offer excellent hurricane window protection in stormy weather.

Benefits of Storm Doors

When you take an in-depth look into storm doors versus screen doors, you will notice that all have varied pros and cons. For instance, installing storm doors will raise the value of your property and offer many other benefits. These include;

  • Protection against weather elements
  • Keeping off bugs
  • Enhancing security
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Letting in natural light and enhancing ventilation
  • Noise reduction
  • Additional insulation
  • Improved appeal, particularly with sliding glass doors

Screen Doors: Defense with a Breeze

A screen door is ideal for anyone who fancies that beautiful outdoor scenery in the home. These doors ensure sufficient ventilation while keeping off pesky bugs. Screen doors feature different materials. You will get them in wooden or aluminum frames to suit your decor and style needs.

Screen doors allow for ventilation in the home and are best suited for temperate climates. They make excellent choices for kitchen entry doors, screened porches, and decks.

Benefits of Screen Doors

  • Screen doors can reduce air leaks and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Improves ventilation without letting in bugs
  • Additional home security
  • Raises home value
  • Protects the front door

Impact Storm Door Benefits

Impact storm doors are designed to conform to rigorous industry standards. They offer multiple benefits and will improve energy efficiency in your home.

The benefits of impact storm doors include;

  • Protection Against Harmful UV Rays: UV rays can pose significant damage to your valuables. Long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lead to fading and discoloration of your paint, fabrics, and other processions. However, installing impact storm doors can help resolve the issue.
    Some storm doors feature UV protection properties to guard your items against harmful UV rays. They make great choices for sunny areas like Miami-Dade and the environs.
  • Security Against Intruders: Impact doors are sturdy and force-entry resistant and will not break easily. Security storm doors have heavy, full-locking systems making it hard to break into your home. Moreover, some types of impact glass like the Elite feature additional security features for enhanced security.
  • Energy Efficiency: Are you spending a lot on energy bills? Impact storm doors can enhance energy efficiency in your home. They feature strong materials that provide optimal insulation in your home.

Impact storm doors are tightly sealed to offer an extra layer of insulation, helping to minimize heat loss and keeping cool air in the home interiors when it is warm outside.

Weather and Climate Considerations for Storm Doors

The local climate will define your choices. For instance, a storm door would be a perfect choice if the exterior door is exposed to various weather elements.

  • Cold weather: The best exterior doors for the cold season are well insulated. These can be fiberglass insulated doors, solid wood doors, or metal insulated doors. These are air-tight with air trapping qualities and are common in cold places due to their quality seals.
  • Stormy weather: A storm door is essential if your location is prone to storms and hail. It offers adequate protection to your entry door, thus avoiding damage.
  • Humidity: For humid areas, compare the screen door vs. the storm door. The screen door makes an excellent choice for wet places like Palm Beach. However, you can install it alongside a storm door to ensure optimal protection from weather elements. The screen door will help let out humidity, while the storm door will protect against weather elements.

Storm Door Frame Options

The frame materials are different in a storm door versus a screen door. For storm doors, the frame materials range from steel, aluminum, composite, or vinyl. All have distinct benefits and maintenance requirements.

  • Steel frame: Steel is favored due to its strong and durable nature. It is highly resistant to harsh weather elements and will not warp or rot. Moreover, steel offers enhanced security and protection against intruders.
  • Aluminum frame: Aluminum is a popular frame choice for storm doors. It is a lighter alternative to steel but offers the needed support and protection. Aluminum frames are versatile and come in various styles and designs to match your style needs.
  • Vinyl frames: Vinyl frames are cost-effective and are ideal for homeowners on a budget. They offer the needed protection and ventilation but may fade over time. Therefore, go for fade-resistant colors if you live in a sunny area.
  • Composite frame: Composite combines wood, glass-reinforced plastic, or insulating foam. The frames are highly durable and weather resistant. Composite frames are excellent choices for extreme weather conditions and humid areas.

We work with different door manufacturers to ensure you get the best quality doors. Our door manufacturers include;

  • CGI Doors
  • Eco doors
  • WinDoor

High Quality Storm Doors in Miami

Are you seeking high-quality hurricane doors in Miami? Elite Impact Windows and Doors offers a wide range of superior hurricane impact doors. Contact us today to learn about Elite Impact and sample our comprehensive collection of doors.

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