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The Benefits of Installing an Impact Resistant Door

As one of the most common front door materials, wood may seem one of the most durable choices, especially compared to glass. However, shatterproof impact glass can withstand winds up to 175 MPH – well into Category 5 territory, which illustrates how important impact glass is for South Florida homes.

Elite Impact Glass understands that your front door is the first thing guests see, so an impact glass front door should also convey your own personal style. In Florida, it’s vital to do so with maximum protection, and it’s an intelligent investment that enhances your home’s value. As you learn about the benefits of impact resistant doors we will discuss:

Benefits of Impact-Rated Glass Front Doors

When we emphasize safety, we aren’t just talking about storm damage. As for value, impact glass doors immediately enhance a property’s function while laying the groundwork for critical cost-saving benefits over the course of homeownership. The following are five of the most significant benefits of having a top-rated impact front door professionally installed by Elite Impact Glass.

Significantly Upgrade Your Security & Safety

Impact glass front doors are designed to take a beating and keep standing. As the first, most obvious access point to your home, it’s not just storms that an impact-resistant front door protects you from. Whether it’s storm debris or intrusion, you’ll be much better protected than most other properties, with glass doors built to remain fully intact after repeated impacts.

Like a car’s windshield, shatterproof glass is engineered with extremely tight bonds made from laminated glass or highly durable yet flexible polycarbonate glaze. Both during and after the storm, your front entryway will remain secure.

Excellent Insulation and Energy-efficiency Factors

Their significant durability gives impact glass doors several collateral benefits. Just as layered, energy efficient windows reduce long-term cooling costs, an impact glass front door also keeps your home better insulated, keeping you and your family just as comfortable as you are secure.

Protection from UV Rays

Another unique design feature of impact glass doors is their ability to filter UV rays. Especially in sunny Florida, this is more than a small side benefit – over time, the portion of your front entryway receiving constant exposure can quickly fade, necessitating costly repairs in the future.

Different types of impact glass, such as frosted and tinted versions, allow you to select the amount of sunlight that enters.

Cut Down & Insulate Outside Noise

Along with reduced cooling costs and UV exposure, the insulation of storm glass extends to sound insulation, significantly reducing outdoor noise. It makes a massive difference if your property faces a busy street or active neighborhood.

Potential Insurance Savings

The benefits of installing an impact glass front door also extend to a likely reduction in homeowner’s insurance. Depending on your insurance carrier, they may offer reduced coverage costs, knowing you’re much less of a risk during hurricane claims season.

Hurricane & Impact Resistant Front Doors in Miami

Elite Impact Glass has become Miami’s premier impact-resistant product specialists by popular vote. It’s because we’ve established the industry alliances necessary to provide customers with the most effective and stylish hurricane-proof doors on the market. We proudly carry numerous models from the following manufacturers in a wide variety of styles, whose products are built to the highest standards and fully approved by Miami Dade County.

Eco Window Systems Doors

Eco-Door’s technicians put their fullest expression of excellence into each product, with faultless details that make the entire door more resilient and attractive. With Eco-Doors’ dual emphasis on form and function, homeowners thoroughly enjoy the benefits of installing an impact glass front door for years to come.

WinDoor Doors

WinDoor products are American-made and include an extensive range of unmatched glass and finish options. Their impact glass front doors come with a complete frame, threshold, and weatherstripping, providing exceptional waterproofing and storm-impact resistance at once. With equal parts protection and aesthetics, all your guests see is impeccable style.

CGI Doors

For the perfect blend of space, ventilation, and beauty, CGI Doors provide a bright and joyful look that makes your home the inviting – but fortified – haven it was meant to be. Even with CGI’s emphasis on delivering maximum glass coverage, their sliding glass doors are incredibly robust, thanks to thick and wide rails set deeply into the track.

Reliable Impact Resistant Door Installation in Miami

From protecting your home to your pocketbook and health, a top-of-the-line impact-resistant front door secures the most important things to you.

If you want to strengthen your home’s front entryway and enjoy the benefits of installing an impact glass front door, contact Elite Impact Glass in Miami and South Florida to request a free consultation.