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Common Sliding Door Sizes & Dimensions

Determining a standard sliding glass door size requires some specialized knowledge. Fortunately, you can usually rely on greater standardization for sliding glass doors than for windows (which are more likely to be custom).

For almost a decade, the dedicated hurricane door experts at Elite Impact Glass have ensured South Florida home and business owners receive the support needed to protect them through some of the heaviest storms. Here, we’ll discuss the most common sliding glass door sizes and how to obtain the most precise measurement for your property.

Sliding Glass Door Installation

Elite Impact Glass eliminates renovation guesswork with razor-sharp sizing and seamless installations for impact-resistant sliding glass doors. Using the most reliable tools in the industry, our technicians carefully measure each dimension of the door, recess, and track. The end result is the most airtight seal possible, using the most dependable hurricane doors on the market.

Standard Sliding Glass Door Sizes

Determining the correct size for your sliding glass hurricane door is essential to achieving the perfect fit, both for security and energy efficiency. Sliding hurricane doors usually match standard sliding door sizes, which are different for two- and three-panel sliding.

Note that the measurements listed below are for the door itself, which must also be properly fitted for the door’s recess. That’s because any dead airspace can reduce insulation. If your door frame doesn’t accommodate any of these sizes, Elite Impact Glass has the knowledge and resources to secure the right custom-fit hurricane glass door for you.

Two-Panel Sliding Door Widths

While necessarily smaller than three-panel sliding doors, two-panel doors typically come with more choices of width:

  • 60 inches, or 5 ft.
  • 72 inches, or 6 ft.
  • 96 inches, or 8 ft.

Three-Panel Sliding Door Widths

Sliding three-panel doors provide wider panoramic views. There are normally two widths to choose from:

  • 108 inches, or 9 ft.
  • 144 inches, or 12 ft.

Sliding Door Heights

As for height, there are three likely possibilities for both two- and three-panel sliding doors:

  • 80 inches (the most common)
  • 82 inches
  • 96 inches

Why Are Sliding Glass Doors So Popular in Florida?

There’s nothing like having a wide view of your surroundings, especially with South Florida’s year-round sunny weather. Unobstructed sightlines help you keep an easier watch on your surroundings, which is especially beneficial for those making active use of their outdoor spaces. Sliding glass doors also greatly improve the amount of natural light.

Those with active social lives particularly love having a more open feeling, where party guests won’t feel as separated from each other if the crowd variously partakes in outdoor and indoor activities. Even more importantly, a sliding glass door helps parents and pet owners effortlessly keep a watchful eye.

Perhaps best of all, you can enjoy all these benefits without sacrificing protection. We work with the most reliable manufacturers of hurricane glass and doors, rated for extremely hard impacts and endorsed by Miami-Dade County.

Hurricane sliding glass doors also increase the energy efficiency of your property. That’s true of even stand-alone impact windows, and all the more with a sliding door due to its tighter interface with the interior of the surrounding walls. For these reasons and more, a hurricane-rated sliding glass door dramatically enhances the overall aesthetic and safety of your home.

Sliding Glass Door Installation Experts

Elite Impact Glass is proud to play a central role in keeping South Florida communities safe by protecting their properties from storms and criminal activity. Doing so requires diligent care to achieve the perfect fit with top-rated hurricane windows and doors.

Working with a professional is the best way to determine if you have a standard sliding glass door size, especially when upgrading your home’s security. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation and speak with one of our experienced hurricane window and door specialists.

Image source: Andrii Medvediuk via Shutterstock