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Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows: What’s The Difference?

Updated: February 14, 2024

Trying to pick a window for your South Florida home can be very frustrating with all the different sizes and types. How do you know which one is the best? Is one going to help you heat or cool your home better? Does it matter if you choose a single or a double-hung window?

Before you get caught up in the questions, know that Elite Impact Glass can help you determine the best window type. We have the truth regarding single-hung vs. double-hung and which is the best. However, often, the choice is based on the size of your existing window, how big you want the new window to be, and your preferences.

What is a Single Hung Window?

Single-hung windows, or single-sash windows, are one of the most common types of windows among our customers.

The single-hung window has a stationary top window sash, and a lower window sash moves up and down to allow you to open it. Plus, they don’t occupy any space inside or outside since they move within the window frame.

single hung windows

What is a Double-Hung Window?

Now that you know what a single-sash window is, we want to discuss a common question we receive. What is a double-hung window? Double-hung windows have functions on both the top and bottom of the window. You can lift and lower the bottom window just like a regular one. However, the top can also move up and down. The top sash may also tilt, which makes it possible for you to clean the outside of the window without going outdoors.

Is Single Hung or Double-Hung Better?

Now that you know your windows, let’s discuss the benefits of a single-hung window. Is it worth it to purchase single-hung vs. double-hung? It depends on your preferences, but single-hung windows are:

  • More Affordable. They require fewer moving parts and are cheaper to make and purchase.
  • Impact Resistant. Impact windows protect you from the storms that sometimes come through the Miami area.
  • Stylish. Single-hung windows allow you to choose a window based on size, finish, glass, etc.
  • Energy efficient. Single-sash windows are very efficient because there are fewer moving parts to let heat or cool weather in.
  • Ideal for tall windows. Single-hung windows can be taller than double-hung windows, increasing natural light in your home.
  • Great for every space. No matter where you want your new window to be, a single hung window will be perfect for it, whether in bedrooms, bathrooms, or main living areas.
  • Easy installation. Because there are fewer moving parts, a single-hung window is faster to install, meaning the pros spend less time, and you spend less money.

Does this mean you shouldn’t consider a double-hung window? No. Double-hung windows can be ideal for some situations as well. Some people love using them on the upper floors because they make cleaning easier. Some also feel these windows may increase the coolness in your home by releasing heat out the top and bringing in a cool breeze through the bottom. However, many residents of South Florida depend on air conditioning, which may nullify this aspect of double sash windows.

Trust the Experts for Window Installation

The simple truth behind which is best regarding single-hung vs. double-hung is that no one can tell you which one to choose. We can tell you what is available and allow you to decide on important features that you may enjoy. To get started exploring your options, contact Elite Impact Glass to learn about all window types, and we’ll help you choose the perfect style for your Miami home.