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Understanding Hurricane & Impact Windows

Hurricane-resistant windows and doors are a buzzword in Florida and are an excellent choice during home upgrades. They are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and offer enhanced protection against hurricane-force winds, which are frequent in Miami.

If you are yet to install impact or hurricane doors and windows in your home, it is time to hire professional replacement services. We at Elite Impact Glass offer exceptional-grade products and engage certified installers. We want to make a positive impact on your home, which is why our installers strive to provide fast and reliable services.

What’s the Difference Between Impact Windows and Hurricane Windows?

Hurricane and impact windows are common phrases in areas prone to hurricanes and storms, such as Florida. Although the words are used interchangeably, these windows are distinct and differ in terms of protection.

Impact Windows

The window may break if intense storms strike, but the seal will stay intact and avert wind damage. Other advantages of impact windows include the following:

  • Offer wind resistance and protection from impacts.
  • Feature reinforced frames to shield your home against flying debris.
  • Feature durable laminate between the glass panes.

Hurricane Windows

  • Offer greater resistance and can withstand intense hurricanes and force winds.
  • Feature a durable frame for improved impact resistance.
  • Designed to match specific building codes and state regulations.

How Do Hurricane Windows Work?

During storms, the atmospheric pressure outside rises but remains constant in the interiors. A high-pressure difference can easily result in shatters when debris hits your windows.

However, hurricane-resistant windows and doors are highly resistant due to their unique design and material fabrication. They feature multiple layers of laminated glass and sturdy frames. The laminated glass is reinforced with a strong polymer between the glass pieces.

The polymer layer is not compromised but remains intact when flying debris hits and shatters the glass. It also prevents your glass from breaking into sharp larger pieces that can injure your loved ones.

Who Needs Impact Windows?

Impact windows are a handy investment for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas. They are common in Miami, FL, due to the frequent episodes of storms and intense hurricanes in the state. These windows protect your property from wind damage and offer many other benefits.

It would be best to have hurricane-resistant windows and doors to lower your energy bills. They are energy efficient and will offer long-term energy savings in your home. They also make excellent choices for anyone concerned about their home security.

What Are the Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows?

Hurricane-resistant windows and doors will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and raise its resale value. They offer considerable benefits to homeowners and will minimize your energy bills. You can learn more about the benefits of impact windows with Elite Impact Glass.

Professional Impact & Storm Door & Window Installation Services in Miami

Elite Impact Glass is your ideal company for all storm door and window installation needs. We offer the most robust hurricane-resistant windows and doors on the market! Our installers are trained, highly experienced, and licensed and will ensure quality workmanship. Contact us for superior services!

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