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How to Soundproof Windows in Your Home: 5 Simple Techniques

Updated: February 14, 2024

A common question for those in South Florida and the Caribbean is how to soundproof windows and reduce exterior noise. There are many ways to approach this, and as we’ll explain, soundproof windows are an added benefit of advanced impact glass technology. As a local leader in hurricane glass and door installations, we’ve also learned how to soundproof windows to achieve greater protection and comfort, along with the following methods for achieving more excellent soundproofing.

How Can I Make My Windows Soundproof?

Soundproofing windows is possible with several methods, all with their own pros and cons. We’ll cover the most common ways, including the #1 most effective soundproofing option to keep ambient noise to a minimum. Note that some of these methods can be used in combination.

Install Window Seal Kits

Window seal kits are placed right over your existing windows providing thermal and acoustic insulation. This can bolster your property’s cooling efficiency and save you money on utility costs. Seal kits can be easily installed between window jams or via magnetic mounts.

Apply Clear Sound Barriers

Made of clear vinyl material, clear sound barriers usually require custom fabrication. It has size limits (commonly 48″ wide), and the material must extend beyond the window, where it’s fastened to the window frame or molding using velcro. Clear sound barriers create a good air seal but are usually quite noticeable.

Hang Sound Damping Curtains

Usually, a temporary solution, sound-damping curtains are very thick and heavy blankets attached with metal grommets over windows or openings. Multiple blankets can be used together or side-by-side, held together by velcro. Like the clear sound barriers, damping curtains must extend beyond the window size and seal along the window molding.

Seal Window Gaps With Acoustic Caulk

Small gaps between the window and interior wall can let sound pass through easily. This is easily fixed with acoustic caulk, which seals these openings and contributes to sound reduction. However, it’s different from a soundproof window, as the installed glass is often not treated. Consider this a mere supplemental measure to more thorough soundproofing standards.

Replace & Upgrade Your Windows

Upgrading the windows is the most effective way to achieve excellent sound reduction. Impact windows are highly sound-absorptive, a useful side effect of their thicker, multilayered materials. This is because different sound frequencies are absorbed by different materials, meaning multiple materials will absorb a wider range of sound waves.

Impact windows also contain thick chemicals that block mechanical noise transmission from both the inside and outside of where it’s installed, whereas normal glass allows sound to travel with much less resistance physically. Installing new hurricane-rated windows in your home or business means you’ll achieve greater security and lower sound levels with a single, wise investment.

South Florida’s Trusted Impact Door & Window Installation Experts

For a combined quarter-century, the experts at Elite Impact Glass have been serving the greater Miami region’s hurricane door and window installation needs. Our impact-rated products are sourced from the most dedicated and reliable manufacturers who specialize in a wide range of window styles with absolutely no compromise on quality and safety.

By upgrading your property’s security with full hurricane glass replacements, you’ll simultaneously enhance your interior comfort, reduce outdoor noise levels, and maintain a more comfortable, unhurried interior space.

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