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Front Door Security Risks: How to Secure Your Front Door

Updated: January 16, 2024

As much as south Floridians know how essential storm protection is, the same consideration goes a long way to improving front door security. In addition to our elite hurricane door and window services, we’re also deeply familiar with general home door security. Read on to learn how to make your front door more secure, and keep your family safe from inclement weather and outer threats.

The Most Common Home Security Risks

Burglaries, rioting, and home invasion are all highly traumatic events, even just to think about. Elite Impact Glass encourages south Florida communities to learn how to secure front doors from the widest range of security threats.

In our combined 25 years of experience installing security doors, we’ve noted the following front door security issues more than any other.

Weak Exterior Door Hinges

Your exterior doors are only as effective as the hinges. Weak hinges are critical vulnerabilities that not everyone thinks about — except for career criminals. Exterior door hinges should be 100% stainless steel and face inward whenever possible to ensure the hinge pin isn’t accessible. Hinges built for security are also made from thicker materials and use longer screws to secure more deeply into the frame.

Weak Door & Window Materials

For maximum security, door materials and any integrated glass must be of the highest quality. Hurricane impact doors and windows are not only effective for storm debris, but any impact of an equivalent force. In addition to being rated for storms, materials should also meet standards for home door security. These standards ensure that exterior doors are resistant to not only brute force but also intelligent force-entry attempts by criminals.

Weak Door & Window Glass

Standard glass shatters easily, breaking wide apart and allowing intruders to reach inside and manipulate the locking mechanism (or simply climb through). Storm-rated windows are built more like car windshields, holding cracked glass together with an extremely robust vinyl or polylaminate material.

Security window and door glass is also integrated into stronger aluminum frames, sometimes set deeper in. Furthermore, we provide armor-plated glass options, taking shatter proofing to a whole new level!

How to Improve Security in Your Home

Rather than spend valuable time learning about the finer points of front door security — while also important — begin by upgrading your most critical entry points. By achieving extra security for doors and windows from the start, you’ll be better equipped to protect your family from intrusions and storm damage alike. All other tips and tricks pale in comparison to upgrading your entry point barriers, after which it’s a good idea to make a habit of learning a little more about home security as you go.

Improve Home Door Security with Impact Doors

Impact doors tested for force-entry resistance provide maximum security at the most critical point of home exteriors. They’re built tough and tested even tougher. That goes beyond the door itself: the door frame, locks, deadbolt recess, hinges, and other hardware are also fully integrated, creating a full-spectrum, systematic barrier to unwanted entries of any kind.

We install impact and hurricane doors from several of the top vendors in the industry, including:

  • CGI Doors, specializing in stylish exterior French doors and numerous full-light sliding door options — all built to withstand major impacts.
  • Eco Doors, fully approved by Miami-Dade County, due to their impeccable designs and extreme attention to detail.
  • Windoor Doors, American made and specializing in a vast array of high-performance windows; suited for even the most luxurious styles, and with no compromise on security.

Improve Home Window Security With Impact Windows

Built with a mix of specially formulated polymers that hold dual panes of glass in place, impact glass stands up to deliberate vandalims just as readily as storm-related pressures. Even if broken, they maintain a strong, web-like structure that resists tears or punctures that would otherwise blast normal glass apart (and create sharp hazards across the floor).

Contact Miami’s Impact Resistant Glass Installation Pros Today!

Elite Impact Glass specializes in impact doors and windows made from the highest-quality materials and designs. Many of our products are approved by Miami-Dade County for storms. We also supply exterior door and window options tested for deliberate forced entries, including the most commonly used methods of breaking and entering.

If you or someone you love in the south Florida and Caribbean regions need improved window and front door security, contact us — and rest easy, knowing you’re prepared for anything.