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How Many Impact Doors Are Needed On Your House & Where?

Hurricanes can pose significant damage to your home. Florida is prone to hurricanes and intense storms, like the recent hurricane Ian in September 2022. Installing impact storm doors and windows can help avert damage to your property. However, various regional building codes govern homeowners in hurricane-prone areas, and understanding them goes a long way.

Elite Impact Glass wants you to attain complete protection for your home and offers impeccable storm door and window installation services in Miami, FL. However, you should choose the best windows and doors and know how many impact doors are needed for your property.

Why Do I Need Impact Front Doors?

Your front door is the entry point to your home and should be protected. Impact-resistant front doors feature strong laminated glass and offer adequate hurricane protection for your front door. 

Where are impact doors needed? Your front door may be inside a porch or enclosed by a wall, but you still need to install hurricane-impact doors in such places and other entry points in your home.

Other reasons to install impact front doors include;

  • Enhanced Security: Impact doors feature laminate glass, which remains intact when struck. They act as deterrents to intruders and burglars.
  • Noise Reduction: Impact glass used to manufacture impact doors absorbs noise and helps reduce most outdoor sounds. 
  • UV Protection: Laminated glass used in manufacturing impact doors incorporates LoE coatings to help reflect long-wave heat energy and allows short-wave energy to pass through.

How many impact doors are needed and where? You never know the direction where the storms will come from. Hire an expert to inspect your home and advice on the best options for your home. Nonetheless, consider protecting every entry point to your home, including all windows and doors.

South Florida Building Code

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew struck Florida, causing extensive damage and leading to the adoption of the first statewide building code in the United States specifically designed to resist hurricane-force winds. The hurricane demonstrated that lax building codes and poor or no enforcement could lead to considerable property damage and endanger people’s lives.

The FBC is updated on a three-year cycle to incorporate new technologies and building practices. The most recent update, the 7th Edition of the Florida Building Code, went into effect on December 31, 2020, and includes updated wind design criteria and other enhancements to improve the resilience of buildings in the face of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

South Florida is one of the high-velocity hurricane zones, thus more stringent codes. It consists of Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties. Homes in these zones require robust impact-resistance products meeting higher wind speeds of 170 mph to 200 mph.

Hurricane Impact Doors Require Professional Installation

Professional impact door installation is critical, for this determines the level of protection. While there are different types of impact doors in the market, professional installers will help you choose what best suits your home and needs. The team has adequate knowledge and skills to install hurricane-proof doors without damaging your property.

Professional installers have the proper tools and equipment to ensure a successful project. You can be sure to save time with a professional impact door installer.

Professional Impact Door & Window Installation Services in Miami

Installing impact-resistant doors and windows will safeguard your property during hurricanes. Elite Impact Glass offers professional installation services in Miami, FL, to ensure hurricane protection in your home. Contact us to learn more about our products and quality installation services!

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