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How to Recover From a Hurricane: First Steps

Updated: December 4, 2023

Hurricanes are familiar occurrences in Florida and can significantly damage your property. With their strong winds, heavy rainfall, and flooding, hurricanes can wreak havoc on your doors and windows.

How to Recover from a Hurricane

Recovering after a hurricane involves adjusting to your new baseline and cleaning up the mess. You can spend significant time recovering, but the process is easy when you are organized and well-equipped. Here are some steps for easy adjustments.

 Return Home When it is Deemed Safe 

Listen to local news to learn when it is safe to return home. Do not begin any hurricane recovery plans until the storm is over and local authorities have assured you that it is safe to return home.

Stay Aware of Extended Rainfall and Flooding 

Be informed of further rainfall or flooding in your location even after the storm has passed. Overflowing rivers and storm surges can be risky, and you want to stay safe.

Stay Safe While Cleaning Up After the Hurricane 

You want to clean up the mess and restore your home to its original look. Remember that safety is crucial, and you do not want to become injured during recovery. For a smooth storm damage recovery, prioritize your security using the following steps:

  • Food and drinks 

Avoid drinking or using tap water until you are certain it has not been contaminated. Avoid eating food from your freezer if its average temperature exceeds 40 F for 2 hours or more. 

For extra safety measures, you can place a mug of water in the freezer, then once it is frozen, place a coin on top of the ice. If the coin is under the ice, your refrigerator has lost power at some point, and some foods may be unsafe to consume.

  • Exercise caution outside 

Be on the lookout for loose tree branches, broken pieces of architecture, or other debris outdoors. Any structure surrounded by water is a threat and should be avoided. Additionally, avoid coming into contact with unsecured or dangling electricity lines. 

  • Wear protective gear and drive carefully

Put on protective clothing and exercise caution when cleaning. Only take the car when necessary and avoid driving on slippery roads or scrubbed bridges.

Make Strategic Repairs to Your Home

Fix any damage to your property and involve professionals when necessary. Consider storm-proofing your home for upcoming hurricanes or tropical storms. For instance, put hurricane shutters, windows and doors, and a reinforced roof. Eliminate neighboring trees that could topple over during strong winds.

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