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Hurricane Ian Recap: What To Prepare For Next Hurricane Season

Hurricane Ian is believed to be the deadliest hurricane in Florida. This year, it slammed Southwest Florida in September, resulting in considerable property damage. While the results of hurricane Ian may sound scary, understanding how to prepare for a hurricane will go a long way. 

Nowadays, most homeowners invest in hurricane-impact doors and windows to avert storm damage to their properties. We cannot talk of hurricane doors and windows without mentioning Elite Impact Glass. 

We are a leading distributor and installer of superior-quality hurricane-impact doors and windows. These upgrades help protect your property against storm damage and enhance your safety. Here is how to prepare for a hurricane;

Make a Plan

Your plan to stay safe during the next hurricane season should include; keeping emergency phone numbers safe and easily accessible. Have an emergency supply kit and identify the nearest safe homes and the appropriate route to get there. Your pets matter, too; identify shelters or other safe places to take them during evacuation. 

Gather Emergency Supplies

Hurricanes will likely disconnect power and water supply. Having emergency supplies on hand is one of the best ways to prepare for a hurricane. 

The essential emergency supplies to prepare for hurricane seasons include:

  • Food and water supply
  • Medical supplies
  • Power sources
  • Essential documents such as wills, passports, and personal identification
  • Personal and safety items, including a fire extinguisher

Know the Difference Between a Hurricane “Watch” and “Warning”

Listen to weather alerts and stay updated on what is happening. Watch out for more storms before commencing restoration on your property. Again, know the difference between a hurricane watch and a warning.

A hurricane watch informs you that a hurricane is likely to happen in a certain area. Experts announce this 48 hours before they anticipate the start of tropical storm-force winds. 

Similarly, a hurricane warning is severe as it states that hurricane-force winds are expected in that area. Experts will issue the warnings 36 hours before the tropical storm-force wind is expected. The time frame is adequate for people to prepare for hurricane impacts.

Get Your Car Ready

You can prepare for hurricane season effectively by keeping your car ready. Achieve this by filling the gas tank and moving it to your garage or safe space. Moreover, keep an emergency kit in the car; you never know when you will need it.

Get Your Family and Pets Ready

Prepare your family and pets in advance and know the steps to take in case a hurricane strikes. Design a checklist of things to do and share it with your family members. Be alert and watch the TV or listen to the radio for the latest updates.

Moreover, if you have special needs, call the hospital or police department for assistance and put your pets in a safe place.

Get Your Home Ready

Getting your home ready is a great way to prepare for hurricane Ian. It should involve;

  • Clearing your yard to ensure nothing will blow around and damage your property. 
  • Installing hurricane windows and doors to prevent storm damage
  • Turning off the power
  • Fill your water containers, sinks, and bathtubs with clean water

Be Ready to Evacuate or Stay At Home

The authorities will advise on whether to evacuate or not. Therefore, obey the orders and make the necessary arrangements. 

If you need to evacuate:

  • Take your emergency kit 
  • Unplug your appliances, and switch off power, gas, and water
  • Follow the recommended route

If you need to stay home

  • Ensure the emergency kit is easily accessible 
  • Listen to TV and radio for updates
  • Stay indoors until you receive an official notice that the hurricane is over
  • Stay away from windows to prevent injuries from broken glass

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